About Right On Builders

Right On Builders was founded by Mike Pinkerton in 2008 with a focus on bringing unique craftsmanship, professionalism, honesty and integrity to each job. We take pride in every project we complete.
We use quality materials and workmanship in the building, remodeling and hardscaping projects we complete. Our team of trade partners and craftsmen share the same passion and dedication to excellence that we do. Our carefully selected team have been with us for many years and together we have developed a system of checks and balances to identify and avoid mistakes during the construction process.

Values and Mission

Honesty and Integrity Рpriding ourselves in ethical business practices in our interactions with our customers and trade partners,  including being honest and upfront with expectations and goals.
Professionalism – utilizing industry best practices in the construction process, taking pride in the work we do.
Craftsmanship – assembling and empowering a team who share the same passion and dedication to excellence that we do. We provide quality materials and labor throughout the projects we complete.
Communication – taking time to listen to our customers, working to address their needs, questions, and goals so as to personalize their homes and cater to what they want.
Experience and Stability – maintaining a commitment to strong financial stability to provide comfort to our customers and trade partners that we are going to be around for a long time.

Mike Pinkerton General Contactor

I grew up in California and travelled around the world for many years experiencing diverse cultures and learning valuable life skills. In regards to construction, I have learned that we are blessed to be in such a marvelous area and there is an abundance of options to choose from.
A bachelor’s degree from Cal State Monterey Bay University in Visual and Public Art has brought another level of creativity to my work enabling me to provide finished projects that are creative and unique. I became a builder by choice which began with digging ditches and hammering nails to pay my way through University. These times of enduring hard work began the love to build. Now twenty years later, I’m still enjoying building and creating homes with structural integrity and harmony.